Write a letter to the councillor of your ward for the restoration of the local children’s playground

Kolkata 700016

10 Jan 2022

Ward 50
Kolkata 700023

RE: Restoration of the local children’s playground

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing as a concerned citizen to bring the condition of the local children’s playground to your attention. In a city where green spaces are fast disappearing, this is the only park with a playground within a radius of 2 km. However, the playground is littered with plastic and concrete waste from nearby construction sites. Further, the swings have rusted and have sharp edges which can injure any child. The overall atmosphere is dismal and discourages children from going there.

I would request you to undertake an initiative to ensure regular maintenance of the park.

Increasingly, children are becoming addicted to video games, television and other forms of entertainment leading to an inactive lifestyle. Having a functional playground will encourage them to play in open spaces.

I hope the playground will soon be restored to its former glory under your able supervision.

Yours sincerely,