What To Do After Class 10

        Having passed 10th standard, Science students often find themselves baffled with the plethora of options available and not knowing which one may be the best fitting for them promising better career prospects.

For your ease, we have narrowed it down to two main categories namely

  • Pursuing High School (11th and 12th).
  • Diploma Course.

        On further categorising, Science stream offers courses in Medical sciences and Engineering.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Biotechnology, and Computer Science will be the main subjects in Science stream where Medical Sciences will have Biology as the main subject whereas for those pursuing Engineering field will have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their main subjects.

A diploma course can be opted in one of these courses:

  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (2 year course with General anatomy and physiology as two of the most important parts of this course.
  • Diploma in Nursing (two courses available namely G.N.M and A.N.M)
  • Diploma in Nutrition (trains dieticians and nutritionists)
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (2-year paramedical programme)
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing ( graduates under this programme will be eligible for positions like Social Media Analyst, Social Media Manager)
  • Diploma in engineering (commonly known as Polytechnic course)
  • This is a 3 years of engineering programs focused on practical and skills-oriented training and can be pursued as early as passing class 10th.