The Milkman And The Monkey | Short Stories

Once there was a milkman named Ramu. He had many cows. He milked them in the morning and evening. He went to other villages to sell the milk. He always mixed water with milk. Thus, he was not honest. 

One day Ramu went to the monthly cattle fair. He wanted to buy a cow. He had a bag full of money with him.

He passed by a lake. The water in it was cool and clear. Ramu wanted to have a bath. He put the money bag on the steps. A monkey saw this. He got down from the tree and ran away with the bag.

When Ramu came out he found his bag missing. He searched for it everywhere, but in vain. At last he looked up. He saw the monkey on the tree. He had the bag in its hand.

The monkey took out the coins from the bag one by one. He bite them and threw them down. Half the coins fell into the water. Half of them fell on the ground. Ramu could get back only half of his money. He learnt a lesson that free money was not worth it. Only hard-earned money can feed a man life-long. He said, I will never add water to milk in the future.