The capseller and the monkeys | Short Stories

   One day, a cap-seller was going to a fair. On the way, he felt tired. He put his caps on the ground and sat down under a big tree for rest. While resting, he fell asleep. After an hour or so, he woke up. He was surprised to find his caps all gone. Suddenly, he heard the chatter overhead. He looked up and saw a number of monkey on the tree, each wearing a cap. He begged the monkeys to return the caps, but in vain. The cap-seller was at a loss what to do. At last, he remembered that money like to imitate man. Soon he snatched the cap off his own head and threw it away. At once, the monkeys took the caps of their heads and threw them on the ground. The cap-seller picked the caps up and left at once.

Moral : Wisdom Play