The Alien | Paragraph Writing

As I was walking in the park outside my house admiring the tall trees and beautiful flower beds, I saw a tall and good looking man walking in front of me. He looked like an American. The only difference between him and us was that he had three eyes. The third eye was at the back of his head. Since it was covered by blonde hair, it was not easy to see. I saw it by chance when a great gust of wind blew the hair upwards. 

I was walking behind the alien. I tried to walk softly. But crunch! A twig snapped loudly under my foot. The eye looked at me and twinkled. I thought I heard a gurgling sound. I could see gold stars coming out of the eye. They glistened and shone in the sunlight and dazzled me. As I looked at him in astonishment, he turned around and shook hands with me. His hands were cold and smooth like silk. I had expected them to be slippery and creepy.

An electric shock passed through my body as we shook hands. He told me his name was Kosmovenepmar and when people in his planet are happy, golden stars come out of their eyes. He had come to Earth to give one human being the power to be always happy. He said he had given me that power by shaking hands with me. But before I could say anything else, he walked away.

I couldn’t see him anymore. I never saw him again. But since then I am always happy and try to spread happiness.