Paragraph on Milk

Milk is a liquid food got from animals. Like cows, buffaloes, goats, and camels. It is white in color. We commonly use milk got from cows and buffaloes. The milk from goats is good for infants. Milk is very useful to us. It is wholesome and perfect food. It is the chief food for infants. It is food as well as a drink.  

A man can live only on milk for a long time. If we drink milk along with our regular food, we can be strong and healthy. Many things are made from milk, such as ghee, butter, curd, cheese, cream, etc. All these are very good for health. Different kinds of cakes and sweetmeats are made from milk. These are very tasty. Milk often carries germs of diseases. Hence, it should be used after boiling. If milk is boiled, the germs are killed. This is called pasteurization.

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