Madhyamik Life Science Question paper 2015



Time – Three Hours Fifteen Minutes

(First fifteen minutes for reading the question paper only)

Full Marks – 90

(For Regular and Sightless Regular Candidates)

Full Marks – 100

(For External and sightless External Candidates)

Special credits will be given for answers which are brief and to the point.

Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting

Figures in the margin indicate full marks for each question.

[Group A to C are common for both Regular and External Candidates. Group D is meant only for External Candidates]

Sightless Candidates will answer the alternative question as per directive in Group C.

Group A

1. Complete the sentences choosing the correct answer (any five) :  [1 x 5 = 5]

(i) Myelin Sheath is observed on

(a) the axon of all neurones

(b) the dendron of some neurones

(c) the axon and dendron of all neurones

(d) the axon of some hormones.

(ii)  Insulin hormone-secreting gland is

(a) Adrenal

(b) Pituitary

(c) Thyroid

(d) Pancreas

(iii)  The Phase of mitosis in which nuclear membrane reappears is

(a) Prophase                      

(b) Metaphase

(c) Anaphase          

(iv)  A plant which performs vegetative reproduction with the help of Sub-aerial stem is

(a) Potato

(b) Water hyacinth

(c) Ginger

(d) Onion

(v)  The organ in the human body which considered as a vestigial organ is

(a) Stomach

(b) Colon

(c) Appendix

(d) Rectum

(vi)  The Organ absent in Pigeon to aid in flight is

 (a) Left ovary

(b) Gall bladder

(c) Lung

(d) Right kidney

(vii)  The disease which is caused by viral infection is

(a) Influenza

(b) Cholera

(c) Malaria

(d) Tuberculosis

2. Answer in one sentence (any ten):  [1 x 10 = 10]

(i) Which substance present in the latex of papaya helps in the digestion of protein?

(ii) An organ in the human body, where urea is synthesized, is _______

(Fill in the blank and write the complete sentence)

(iii) What is Meninges?

(iv) One of the sites of formation of Gibberellin hormone is ________.

(Fill in the blank and write the complete sentence)

(v)  Which hormone is related to the pounding of head when scared?

 (vi)  Mention one significance of meiosis cell division.

(vii) How many pairs of contrasting characters in pea plants were selected by Mendel for his experiments on heredity?

(viii) What kind of reproduction the spore is the unit of?

(ix)  Write the name of an organ of an animal which is homologous to bird’s wings.

(x)   Mention one important change in the evolution of horse.

(xi)  Due to the presence of __________ in the eye of Pigeon, the vision becomes very sharp.

(Fill in the blank and write the complete sentence)

(xii)  Name one fungus that infects the human lungs.

(xiii) Why is the skin wiped with the spirit (alcohol) before pushing an injection?

3. Attempt any six questions : [2 x 6 = 12]

(i)  Mention the source and one economic importance of resin. 

(ii) What is inborn reflex action ? Give an example.

(iii) From which gland TSH is secreted? Write down its one main function.

(iv) What are the sex chromosomes in the male and female human body?

(v) What do you mean by parthenogenesis ? Give an example of it.

(vi) From which observations Darwin arrived at the conclusion – “Struggle for Existence”?

(vii) Discuss one adaptive importance each of lateral line sense organ and swim bladder in rohu fish.

(viii) Mention two structural characteristics of ‘virus’.

4. Attempt any ten questions: [3 x 10 = 30]

(i)  Write one function each of Glomerulus, Proximal Convoluted Tubule and Henle’s loop of a nephron.

(ii) Mention one function of each of Cerebrum, Cerebellum and Medulla Oblongata in the human brain.

(iii) Mention one structural feature of each of Sclera, Choroid and Retina in a human eyeball.

(iv) Mention two differences between exocrine and endocrine glands. Give an example of a mixed gland in the human body.

(v)  Mention three roles of Auxin hormone 1n the growth of plants.

(vi) What is cell cycle? Name any two stages of Interphase.

(vii) What is cytokinesis? Mention two differences in between cytokinesis of plant and animal cell.

(viii) What is ‘Alternation Of Generation“? Name two plant groups where alternation of generation is seen distinctly.

(ix) Write down Mendel’s Law of Segregation. Mention one difference in between phenotype and genotype.

(x) Write name of three ancestors of modern horse. 

(xi) Name three adaptive features for flight in Pigeon.

(xii) Write down the modes of transmission of Influenza vims, HIV and Polio vims.

(xiii) Mention one beneficial role each of Saccharomyces (Yeast), Penicillium and Rhizobium.

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