Madhyamik History Question paper 2019



(New Syllabus)

Time – Three Hours Fifteen Minutes

(First fifteen minutes for reading the question paper only)

Full Marks – 90

(For Regular and Sightless Regular Candidates)

Full Marks – 100

(For External and sightless External Candidates)

Special credits will be given for answers which are brief and to the point.

Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad


Figures in the margin indicate full marks for each question

[Group A to E are common for both Regular and External Candidates. Group F is meant only for External Candidates]

(All questions Group A are compulsory. Candidates should follow the alternatives in other groups. Sightless Candidates will answer the alternative question as per directive in Group B Other will attempt map pointing)

Group A

1. Choose the correct option : [1 x 20 = 20]

1.1 Mohan Bagan Club won the I.F.A. Shield in the year –

(a) 1890 A.D.

(b) 1905 A.D.

(c) 1911 A.D.

(d) 1917 A.D.

1.2 Dadasaheb Phalke was associated with –

(a) Films

(b) Sports

(c) Local History

(d) Environmental History

1.3 The ‘Grambarta Prakashika’ was published from –  

(a) Jessore

(b) Ranaghat

(c) Kusthia

(d) Barasat

1.4 The first B.A. Examination of Calcutta University was held in –

(a) 1857 A.D.

(b) 1858 A.D.

(c) 1859 A.D.

(d) 1860 A.D.

1.5 The first Principal of Calcutta Medical College was –

(a) Dr. M. J. Bramley

(b) Dr. H. H. Goodeve

(c) Dr. N. Wallich

(d) Dr. J. Grant

1.6 Titu Mir’s real name was –

(a) Chirag Ali

(b) Hyder Ali

(c) Mir Nisar Ali

(d) Torap Ali

1.7 One of the leaders of Sannyasi-Fakir rebellion was –

(a) Rani Karnabati

(b) Rani Shiromoni

(c) Debi Chaudhurani

(d) Rani Durgabati

1.8 The song “Bande Mataram” was composed in the year –

(a) 1870 A.D.

(b) 1872 A.D.

(c) 1875 A.D.

(d) 1876 A.D.

1.9 ‘Bartaman Bharat’ was written by –

(a) Akshay Kumar Datta                  

(b) Rajnarayan Bose

(c) Swami Vivekananda                  

(d) Ramesh Chandra Majumdar

1.10 Gaganendra Nath Tagore was a –

(a) Musician

(b) Dramatist

(c) Poet

(d) Cartoonist

1.11 ‘Barnaparichay’ was published in –

(a) 1845 A.D.

(b) 1850 A.D.

(c) 1855 A.D.

(d) 1860 A.D.

1.12 Bengal Technical Institute was founded in –

(a) 1905 A.D.

(b) 1906 A.D.

(c) 1911 A.D.

(d) 1912 A.D.

1.13 The first President of All India Kisan Sabha was –

(a) N. G. Ranga                        

(b) Swami Sahajananda

(c) Baba Ramchandra                   

(d) Lala Lajpat Rai

1.14 The Congress Socialist Party was formed in –

(a) Calcutta

(b) Delhi

(c) Bombay

(d) Madras

1.15 The Workers’ and Peasants’ Party was associated with –

(a) The Rowlatt Satyagraha             

(b) The Non-Cooperation Movement

(c) The Bardouli Satyagraha            

(d) The movement against the Simon Commission

1.16 An attempt to assassinate Stanley Jackson, the Governor of Bengal

was made by –

(a) Bina Das                          

(b) Kalpana Datta

(c) Pritilata Waddedar                 

(d) Suniti Choudhury

1.17 The Secretary of the Anti-Circular Society was –

(a) Sachindra Prasad Bose              

(b) Krishna Kumar Mitra

(c) Chittaranjan Das                   

(d) Ananda Mohan Bose

1.18 The Vykom satyagraha took place in –  

(a) Malabar

(b) Madras

(c) Maharashtra

(d) Godavari Valley

1.19 The princely state which joined the Indian Union through plebiscite was –

(a) Kashmir

(b) Hyderabad

(c) Junagadh

(d) Jaipur

1.20 The linguistic state of Gujarat was formed in –

(a) 1953 A.D.

(b) 1956 A.D.

(c) 1960 A.D.

(d) 1965 A.D.

Group B

2. Answer any sixteen questions, taking at least one from each segment : [1 x 16 = 16]

Segment : 2.1

Answer in one sentence :

(2.1.1) Who wrote the novel ‘Gora’?

(2.1.2) Write the name of the first illustrated book published in Bengali.

(2.1.3) In which year was the Serampore Mission Press founded?

(2.1.4) With which movement was Usha Mehta associated?

Segment : 2.2

State whether True or False :

(2.2.1) The Editor of the ‘Somprakash’ was Dwaraka Nath Vidyabhusan.

(2.2.2) Kadambini Bose (Ganguli) was the first lady to be awarded the M.A. degree by Calcutta University.

(2.2.3) One of the leaders of the armed revolutionary movement in Bengal was Basanti Devi.

(2.2.4) Dipali Sangha was founded by Kalpana Datta.

Segment : 2.3

Match Column ‘A’ with Column ‘B’ :

Column ‘A’Column ‘B’

(2.3.1) Bankim Chandra

(2.3.2) Nabagopal Mitra

(2.3.3) Birendranath Sasmal

(2.3.4) Drinkwater Bethune

(1) Hindu Balika Chattopadhyay


(2) Peasant movement

(3) Hindu Mela

(4) Bangadarshan

Segment : 2.4

On the given outline Map of India, locate and label the

following places :

(2.4.1)  Area of Santal Rebellion (1855).

(2.4.2)  Area of Barasat Rebellion.

(2.4.3)  A Centre of Indigo Rebellion : Jessore.

(2.4.4)  Princely State of Hyderabad.

[For Sightless Candidates Only]

Fill in the blanks : 

(2.4.1)  The name of Sarala Devi Chaudhurani’s autobiography is ___.

(2.4.2)  Calcutta Medical College was established in___. 

(2.4.3)  Sui Munda was one of the leaders of ___ rebellion.

(2.4.4)  Indian Association was founded in ___.

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