Madhyamik History Question paper 2015



Time – Three Hours Fifteen Minutes

(First fifteen minutes for reading the question paper only)

Full Marks – 90

(For Regular and Sightless Regular Candidates)

Full Marks – 100

(For External and sightless External Candidates)

Special credits will be given for answers which are brief and to the point.

Marks will be deducted for spelling mistakes, untidiness and bad handwriting 

Figures in the margin indicate full marks for each question.

1. On the outline map of India supplied, geographical positions of certain places of historical importance are indicated by dot (.) marks. Match them with the list given below (any ten) :  [1 x 10 = 10]

(a) Meerut (b) Madras (c) Aligarh (d) Kolkata (e) Dandi (f) Allahabad (g) Kohima  (h) Amritsar (i) Pondicherry (j) Chattagram (k) Srirampur (l) Karachi (m) Ahmedabad (n) Surat


Answer the following in one or two words each (any ten) [1 x 10 = 10]

(a) In which year was Warren Hastings appointed as Governor of Bengal?   

(b) In which year did the independent kingdom of Mysore fall?

(c) Where did the Mopla rebellion (1802) take place?

(d) Who was known as ‘Lokhitavadi’?

(e) Who wrote Bartamaan Bharat?

(f) Name one of the founders of the Theosophical Society.

(g) Write the name of one member of the Young Bengal.

(h) Write the name of one industrial enterprise founded in the Swadeshi period.

(i) Who was India’s Viceroy in 1919?

(j) Who was elected as President of the Haripura session (1938) of the  National Congress?

(k) By which Act did India gain independence? 

(l) Who appoints the Chiefs of India’s three armed forces? 

(m) Who was the last Governor-General of independent India?

(n) Which day of the year is celebrated as the United Nations’ Day?

2. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences (any ten) : [2 x 10 = 20]

(a) Why was the Fort William College established?

(b) What was the Mahalwari System?

(c) Why was the Charter Act of 1813 important for the Company’s trade ?

(d) Why is Derozio famous?

(e) Mention the role of Bankimchandra in awakening nationalism in the nineteenth century.

(f) Why are the Chapekar Brothers remembered?

(g) What is meant by Satyagraha?

(h) Why did Gandhiji start the Civil Disobedience Movement with the Salt Satyagraha?

(i) Why did Mussolini invade Abyssinia?

(j) Why is Matangini Hazra remembered?

(k) What was the reaction in the country centring round the trial of Captain Rashid Ali?

(l) To what extent has federalism been realised in the Indian Constitution?

(m) Mention two Fundamental Rights given in the Constitution of India.

(n) Why is the Atlantic Charter (1941) important?

3. Answer the following questions in seven or eight sentences [5 x 4 = 20] 

(a) Discuss the role of Lord Wellesley as an imperialist  


Write a note on: Rule of Law during the Company’s rule.

(b) Discuss the part played by the middle class in awakening nationalism in the nineteenth century.  


Write a note on: Charles Wood’s Despatch (1854).

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