Important message to CBSE students – Must do this work at home during lockdown

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has given five tips to protect school children from being bored in lockdown. The board has asked the students to consider their home as a school. Make home your learning centre. Include it in your routine. In a few days, you will start to enjoy it. Be aware that there is a lockdown caused by the coronavirus. In such a situation, leaving home is completely prohibited. Schools have been closed for about 15 days. In such a situation, school children are now getting bored. If you want to avoid getting bored at home, then divide your routine in hours. The board has made a routine of five to six hours for the students. It would not be boring to include it in Dinacharya. Many career options will also open. The board has also sent it to all schools. So that it can be reached to children through school also.

  • Increase communication skills
    In order to have a better career in future, it is very important to have good communication skills. Many companies are looking for innovators, creators, communicators, thinkers, leaders and those with social skills. In such a situation, if you work on communication now, then the option of a career will be open for you.

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  • Start online class
    Start online classes. This includes music, dance, drama, playing, singing, speech, theatre, dress designing, interior designing, drawing, painting, robotics, etc. The board has also given the students the option of sharing the mother’s hand in the kitchen for at least one hour. Cooking in the kitchen is an art in itself. Learn to make vegetables, lentils, bread etc.

The board has prepared a 6-hour routine for students.
Students are locked in houses due to lockdown for 15 days.

  • Clean the houses
    Currently, all children are free from school and tuition. All their time is spent at home. In such a situation, they can give one to one and a half-hour time in housekeeping. You can help your sister, brother etc. in other household tasks.
  • Give on yoga and exercise
    The 20-minute board has instructed all children to spend at least half an hour on physical exercise, yoga and meditation. This will eliminate tension, anger and irritability. Together, creative ideas will come to mind.