How China overcome from Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

               Wuhan, a city of China, a world large production centre, where products of many largest companies all over the world are manufactured. That is why Wuhan is also popularly known as the world’s factory.

             On 31st Dec 2019, where the world was welcoming  2020 year then China informed the WHO (World Health Organisation) about a disease for the first time. China said that, in Wuhan city, case of pneumonia is seen. victims were those who were working in the seafood market.

            On 1st Jan, this market was closed. On the 7th day of New year 2020, the reason for this disease was found. China said that it is due to coronavirus people are affected. First death case due to coronavirus was revealed on 11th Jan. Till 15th Feb, a large population of Wuhan was start getting affected by this disease. On 13th Feb, 15000 cases of the corona were known. In the beginning, China was hiding this deadly disease. After that, it took strict action as follows

  • The first step was taken by cutting the connection of Wuhan city separate, advised them to be locked at home.

  • They built hospitals in 7 days to operate affected people.

  • They stopped all types of accessibility, transport and advised people to stay at home.

  • All types of food and necessary things were delivered to their houses safely.
  • They free the charges to cure corona.
  • Doctors used to diagnose a patient at their homes carefully. They used to keep corona positive patient separated and they were not allowed to go outside the Wuhan city.

             By following the above actions, China is now able to control this deadly virus. On 19th March 2020, China confirmed that no cases of this virus in this country found in 24 hours 34 cases came, this was outsider cases which mean victims from other countries.

               Now China is showing their soft corner by providing marks and testing equipment to different countries.

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