Fake ICSE time table

A new type of fraud is going on the website world, especially in the field of education. Many websites just to get the student’s attention to their website, they issue fake notice, fake time table, fake specimen paper and many more.

Today the same type of fake notice is rotating between the students on WhatsApp.

Fake icse notice

If you also get this type of notice, please don’t believe this. This notice claims that it is officially issued by the ICSE officials and exams are going to continue from 16th of April 2020. But no such announcement is made by the ICSE.

In addition to that, you can clearly understand the fakeness of the notice. If you see the notice heading and body, you will clearly see the difference.

The header of the notice, as well as signature of secretary, is blurred but the body is very clear and visible, which means that some part of the notice is new (edited) and some part is old (taken from the original newsletter). 

So please please do not believe it blindly. We don’t support fake news.

Thank you.. Team Flash Education.