Essay on Sports And Game

Games and sports include all outdoor and indoor games including athletics. Their importance cannot be over-emphasized. They are as necessary for the mind as for the body. They keep us physically fit and enable us to enjoy the blessings of good health. A healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. 

Games and sports also help in building person’s character by teaching the virtues of discipline, team work, leadership and honesty. While playing, our mind concentrates and we forget our worries and anxieties for the moment. They develop in us team spirit, discipline and sportsmanship. They also teach us how to take right decisions at the right moment.

Success in games requires the players to co-operate with one another and look to the interest of the team as a whole, and not pay attention to the personal glory. Games and sports also develop the firmness of mind which is so necessary in every walk of life.

A nation is often known for its sports. However, the standard of games and sports in India is far from satisfactory. So, the government should take steps to improve this important sphere of life.

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