Essay on Health Is Wealth

Wealth generally means a thing that has some value in money terms. But in a wider sense, good health is also a man’s wealth. Probably the most precious wealth of a man is his sound health. 

Ill-health is a burden to a man. He may have immense wealth, but it does not bring him any happiness if he is not healthy enough to enjoy it. He may have intellect and learning but he cannot use them either for his own benefit or for the benefit of others if he does not keep healthy.

Now consider the case of a poor but healthy man. He relishes his food, and derives benefit from it. His movements are brisk and he can work hard. He enjoys his health. It is, therefore, our duty to take care of our precious health.

A healthy man can enjoy his life to the full. A man with a sound body has a sound mind. To keep a sound mind, physical exercise is necessary.

The next thing necessary for good health is good food. We should not go to the extreme in anything, whether in eating or in taking physical exercise.

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