Essay on Gardening

A hobby is a fruitful pastime. It passes the time fruitfully, and at the same time, inculcates noble qualities in the mind. There are several hobbies which can be practised to fruitfully pass the free time. Gardening is one such hobby. 

Many people think that gardening amounts to operating spade and other garden implements to arrange and rearrange soil and trim the plants. There is more to it than most people might realise.

The first benefit of gardening is that it keeps a person healthy. The doctors have found that a person who does half an hour of gardening five times a week, has only twenty-five percent risk of having a heart problem when compared with other persons. It has been found to be beneficial to the joints of the body.

Gardening transports a person to the lap of nature. It is really fruitful and joyful for those who maintain a kitchen garden. They will find that it, besides giving fresh vegetables and fruits devoid of chemical manure and pesticides, helps save money which can be better utilised in other ventures.

And above all, a garden makes a house look like a house indeed, permeated with greenery where you like to sit in the open too.

The hobby of gardening is all the more useful in the modern jungles of concrete where greenery has become an illusory thing.

You can find the joy of gardening if you plant a few saplings near your place, and then take care of them. Looking after a plant is much like taking care of a little child.