Essay on A Day When Everything Went Wrong

All days are not alike. Some days are very lucky, while on some days, everything goes wrong despite all precautions. One such day in my life was the last Sunday.

As I had worked hard the previous week, I wanted to make the most of this. So, I planned entertainment for myself, but I never knew that this was going to prove to be a nightmarish experience for me. 

I got up at 8 o’clock in the morning and rang up my friend, Soham. I wanted to go for a picnic to the Taj Mahal with him. However, he said that he was going outstation with his father, and could not accompany me.

Then I rang up Raj, who said that he could accompany me only if I agreed to go to a zoo. So, I too decided to go with him.

I wanted to reach the zoo in time, so I immediately walked into the bathroom. I wetted myself and made a rich lather. Then, I opened the tap, but to my dismay, there was no water in the tap. My eyes started to burn, and I wiped the lather clean with my towel. I had no other way but to go to the municipal water tap for a bath, where all people jeered at me.

I wore my clothes and looked for my leather shoes. Then only I remembered that my leather shoes had been borrowed by a friend. I rang him up immediately only to find that he was out of the town.

Hopelessly, I wore my sleepers and left home. I hired a three-wheeler, and when I got down it, I found that I had forgotten my purse in my room. I had to go back and fetch my purse, and this caused a lot of unnecessary expenditure.

Raj and I reached the zoo at 11:30. I stood in the queue for tickets. At 3:30 I decided to return home.

When I reached my home, I found that I had lost the key somewhere. I felt sorry for myself as I picked up a stone to break open the lock. After that, I lay down on the bed, not to get up that day anymore.

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