5 Morning Facts | Daily Digest

1. The only three countries in the world that don’t use the metric system are Liberia, Burma and the United States of America.

2. Ghost peppers can be so hot that it can actually burn a hole through the esophagus. Its heat is measured at 1 million units on the Scoville scale, as per the measurement of capsaicin, the chemical compound that imbues pepper with heat for reference household green chillis only measures 1,500 units.

3. The closest star to Earth is Proxima Centauri which is 4.24 light-years away. For reference, a single light-year is 4.44 trillion kilometers.

4. According to the Guinness World Records, the word with the most meanings in the English Language is the verb “set“. It has 430 tenses listed in the second edition of the Oxford English dictionary published in 1989.

5. The largest gem-quality diamond ever found is the Fox Fire diamond. It was found in August of 2015 at the Diavik Diamond mine above the Arctic Circle in Canada northwest territories. It is 188 carats.