Centre of gravity | Physics class 10

Centre of gravity – The centre of gravity of a body is a point about which the algebraic sum of moments of all the particles constituting the body is zero.

centre of gravity

 *Note –
 (i) the position of the centre of gravity of a body of given mass depends on its shape.
 (ii) It is not necessary that the centre of gravity always be within the material of the body.

Centre of gravity of some regular uniform objects

Centre of gravity of regular objects

ObjectPosition of centre of gravity
1. RodMid-point of the rod.
2. Circular discGeometric centre.
3. Solid or hollow sphereThe geometric centre of the sphere.
4. Solid or hollow cylinderMid-point on the axis of the cylinder.
5. Solid  coneAt a height h/4 from its base.
6. Hollow coneAt a height of h/3 from its base.
7. Circular ringCentre of the ring
8.  Triangular lamina of a scalene  triangleThe point of intersection of medians.
9. Parallelogram The point of intersection of the diagonal.



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