Top 10 Courses After 12th Commerce With Maths

          Choosing the right career path after 12th is one important decision every student needs to take. If you have studied Commerce with Maths in your 12th boards and are wondering what all course options you have and which one should you pursue, Then you are at the right Place! In this article we have compiled a list of suitable courses for students who are looking for career options after completing their 12th from Commerce with Maths. We have included traditional as well as non traditional career paths in this list to give you a comprehensive understanding. Make sure to read the entire article before making your decision.

List Of Courses After 12th Commerce With Maths

          There are a lot of career options for students who studied Commerce with Maths, we have made a comprehensive list of the Top Ten options for you –

1. Chartered Accountant

          Chartered Accountancy is one of the most respected career choices among commerce aspirants. The exam for CA is conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) every year. The exam is structured into a three-stages, after its completion, one also needs to do an internship of 2.5 years to become a certified Chartered Accountant. Public accounting is one of the most difficult exams in India, and Students can directly enroll in the
course after 12th.

2. Company Secretary

          Company Secretary as a Career field is very Lucrative and has a lot of growth opportunities. In order to become a Company Secretary one needs to study corporate law. It is an excellent choice for students who studied Commerce with Maths in their 12th standard. The role of a CS is to help the company in understanding and following the different regulatory rules to the corporations and complete all necessary legal documents.

3. Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB)

          Investment banking is an ideal career for students who had pursued Commerce with Maths. It is one of the highest paying careers in India and one of the most lucrative career options. A certificate in Investment Banking can be obtained by pursuing a six-month course in CIB. CIB is an International Certification Exam that tests knowledge on aspects like Investment Banking and related topics.

4. Data Scientist

          To Make a Career in Data Science is one of the most well suited career paths for students with a strong hold in Mathematics. As a Data Scientist needs a high level of logical and strong problem solving skill. The demand for Data Scientist and Related Job Roles has been in high demand in the industry. The average salary for the same is quite high, thus proving to be a promising career path.

5. Bachelor of Statistics

          Statistics is a popular choice for students with mathematics as it requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills. The course for Bachelor of Statistics lasts for three years and covers many basic statistics subjects, such as data analysis, actuarial science, econometrics, energy statistics, trade statistics, applied information economics, etc. The Indian Institute of Statistics conducts an entrance exam every year and is considered to be one of the most difficult entrance exams in the country.

6. Bachelor of Business 

          The Bachelor of Business is an excellent choice for commerce students. A B.Com degree allows students to pursue a career specifically designed for business professionals. One can get high-paying jobs in banking, finance, management, accounting and other trade-related departments. The course prepares one to know the basic business concepts and principles, accounting, business management, marketing, finance, economics and marketing. As a business student majoring in mathematics, you can study business statistics, information systems, calculus and other mathematics-related subjects.

7. Bachelor of Business (Hons)

          One popular option for students with commerce and maths is to pursue a degree in Honours. The degree allows one to focus on a specific subject so that one can gain expertise in. It is completely different from a simple B.Com course, as a simple B.Com title gives you an overview of general topics related to trade. It does not allow majors, which is why B.Com (Hons) is a fairly popular choice for trading with math students. The cut-off for B.Com (Hons) is higher while the course duration is the same.

8. Bachelor of Business Administration

          A BBA Degree preparers students on Management related topics and skills and equips one to take a leadership position in any Company. The course duration is of three years and tackles key topics like financial accounting, wealth management, business strategy, organizational behavior, basic management skills, international finance, and e-commerce. A knowledge of mathematics will help you understand the complex concepts of this course.

9. Bachelor of Economics

          If you have good logical and analytical skills then a Degree in Economics might be well suited for you. The course can be pursued after completing 12th standard, the duration of the course being 3 years + 2 years if one wishes to pursue Masters in Economics as well. Since all businesses rely primarily on economics, a bachelor’s degree in economics can take you to great heights in the business world.

10. B.Sc in Actuarial Science

          The course duration lasts three years and focuses on topics like students insurance risks, calculating premiums, applying economic and mathematical analysis, financial planning, investments, and other insurance management solutions. This course explains how to assess risks and maintain the financial stability of a financial or insurance institution. Graduates of undergraduate actuary can also choose the MBA program. This will give you a deeper understanding of the structure of your organization’s work.