All about electrical fuse | physics class 10

All about an electric fuse

Definition of fuse

  • An electric fuse is a safety device which allows only a limited amount of current to pass through it.
  • An electric fuse is a safety device which limits the current in an electric circuit.

What is fuse

Function of fuse
The function of a fuse is to safeguard the circuit and the appliances connected in that circuit from being damaged.

Working principle of fuse: A fuse works on the heating effect of current.

The material of fuse: A fuse is a short and thin piece of wire of uniform area of cross-section and high resistance. Generally, a fuse wire is made up of an alloy of lead and tin because its melting point is low and specific resistance is high.

Connection of fuse in a circuit
The fuse is always connected in the live wire before the appliance, so that as the current exceeds the prescribed limit of the fuse, it may melt and break the circuit.

Concept of fuse

Current rating of fuse
The maximum current that may be allowed to flow through fuse wire before it melts is called the rating of fuse wire.
current rating of fuse

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