Acting In A Play | Paragraph Writing

The first time I acted in a play was when I was in class VI. I was chosen to play the role of a dwarf. We did many rehearsals. Learning the lines by heart was a tremendously difficult job. I fumbled many times before I managed to get my lines right.

Finally, the day of the play came. First, my teacher dressed me in a red suit and pasted a white moustache above my lips. Then, a flowing beard was pasted on my chin. The hair from the moustache kept tickling my nose. My teacher told me to wet the moustache. The wet moustache looked very good on me and also stopped tickling.  

Soon, it was my turn to go on to the stage. I had to rescue a princess from a tower. I went in and promised the princess that I would rescue her. The audience liked my style and applauded. When, a big giant entered the scene. I hid behind a small rock while he was on stage.

Meanwhile, my moustache began to dry as it was hot on the stage. The lights on the stage made it hotter. The hair began to tickle my nose. I did not want to sneeze as I was in hiding. The giant would hear me and catch me. How then would I rescue the princess? But I could not control my sneeze for very long. Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Suddenly, I began to sneeze and could not stop myself.

The sound of my sneeze echoed in the auditorium. Soham, the giant, looked at the teacher standing in the wings. She covered her ears with her hands. Soham covered his ears too. The audience began to laugh. I felt embarrassed but when all the participants started laughing, I could not control myself. The whole play turned into a comedy. I will never forget acting in that play.