5 Mind Blowing Facts | Daily Digest

1. In February of 2017, India successfully launched 104 satellite on a single mission from Sriharikota Space Center in  South India.

2. The world’s saltiest body of water is the Don Juan Pond located in the McMurdo dry valley of Antartica. Its so salty that its water rarely freezes. It has salinity level of over 40%.

3. Frogs cannot vomit so they throw up their entire stomachs when they have eaten something extremely nasty, such as poisonous insect but if the insect doesn’t fall out completely the frog will reach their stomach with forearms to clean up manually.

4. Unlike other fruits that grow on a tree, pineapples grow on shrubs and each pineapple plant only grows one pineapple.

5. According to the Max Plank Institute in Germany, the frigate bird sleeps while it is flying. It sleeps for about 12 seconds at a time and usually with only half of its brain. In 24 hours they sleep for only about 40 minutes.