5 Interesting Facts | Daily Digest

1. The longest mountain range on the earth is actually under water. The Mid-Ocean Range is over 80,000 kilometers long and most of it is volcanic.

2. Banana trees are not actually trees. They are hibiscus plants or herbs. Their trunks are made up of tightened leaves and contains no woody tissues

3. Shot in the head in 1915 during World War I, Paul Kern managed to survive, but his frontal lobe was severely damaged. After waking up from the surgery, the Hungarian man was never able to sleep again throughout the 40 years after he was shot.

4. In 1939, German dictator Adolf Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Erik Brandt, a member of the Swedish parliament. The nomination was cancelled and no peace prize was given that year.

5. A leech’s body is divided into 32 segments each one of them, with its own brain. They also have two reproductive organs and nine pairs of testes.