5 Interesting Facts | Daily Digest

1. One in two million lobsters is blue, one in three million lobsters can be yellowy-orange and even rarer is the white lobster. Each of these colours only shows up about once in every few years. 2. It is possible to cry in outer space. However, the tears never falls out, it just remains sitting there like a blob under the eyes. 3. In the jungles of the Philipphines, scientists discovered a new species of pitcher plant known as Nepenthes Attenboroughii. It is the largest carnivorous plant ever discovered and unlike the smaller ones which thrives on the nutrition of insects and spiders these are capable of eating rats. 4. The planet Neptune has the strongest winds in our solar system with winds up to 2,100 kilometers an hour. For reference winds on earth only reaches up to 120 kilometers an hour which is 18 times lesser than Neptune’s wind speeds. 5. In the situation of intense hunger snakes body starts to digest its own heart tissues. However, immediately following a nutritious meal, snake hearts can actually starts to quickly rebuild itself.