5 Amazing Facts | Daily Digest

1. Cyprus and Kosovo are the only two countries to depict the outline of their nation of their flag.

2. There is a church in Czech Republic made entirely of bones. The Sedlec Ossuary features a collection of dismembered and bleached human remains. It estimated to hold the remains of between 40,000 to 70,000 people, a lot of whom died in plague in 1418 and during Hussite wars of the 15th century. It is located under the Cemetery Church of all Saints.

3. Charlie Chaplin was the first actor to appear on the cover of Times magazine on July 6th, 1925.

4. There is a type of salamander called the Axolotl that never changes into adult. They stay in their larval stage for their whole lives and can reproduce without reaching the adult stage.

5. The female lion does the majority of the hunting with the male joining in occasionally when the prey is especially large such as buffalo.